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Sage has so many possible uses: Flavored oils snacks, dishes and honey.  Sage has been burned in homes by people of different cultures for purification and healing, but as an herb, it is a great way to clear the air of smells. Bunch sage branches up tightly and allow the leaves to dry out for a few days. When you need to clear the air and scent the house, light the sage bundle and place it somewhere where it can be allowed to safely burn under supervision. The scent will fill your home with a clean, earthy scent.

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Sage dried leaves. Sage or Salvia officinalis is an herb and it belongs to the mint family. The leafs because of unique flavor and scent are used in kitchen. Sage leaves are extremely flavorful when they are roasted, and roasting them to use in recipes, mixes and spice combinations is a great way to add flavor to so many snacks and dishes.


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